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Basic Supplies for Camping

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    Basic Supplies for Camping

    Issue Time:2020-06-05
    1.Bring a tent
    A tent is the most common source of shelter used when camping. If you haven’t set up your tent before, set it up in your yard once or twice before you arrive at your campsite to get some practice.
    Tents come in many different sizes. If you're camping alone, you could get a small, single-person tent. If you’re camping with someone else, get a tent that accommodates both of you.
    2.Bring a backpack if you plan on hiking. 
    If you plan on going hiking or climbing during your camping trip, you'll want a backpack. The size of the pack you decide to bring depends on how far you'll be hiking. Longer, more intense hikes will require a larger and sturdier backpack, while easier day hikes will only require a small day pack. 
    3.Pack a tarp to protect the top or bottom of your tent. 
    A tarp can provide additional protection for the bottom of your tent, or it can be stretched over your tent to keep it extra-dry. The size of the tarp you get depends on the size of your tent. The larger your tent, the larger the tarp you bring along.

    4.Bring a flashlight or headlamp. 
    A battery-powered flashlight or headlamp is important for helping you find your way around your campsite after dark. Headlamps can be useful to complete tasks around your campsite, as your hands will be free. Be sure to pack extra batteries.
    5.Pack  foldable chairs
    Collapsible camping chairs are perfect for sitting around the fire or just lounging around the campsite. The best camping chairs are lightweight and durable.
    If you’re camping with a group, advise each person in your party to bring a foldable camping chair of their own.
    6.Bring something to light a fire. Matches are the camping standard, but you could also bring a lighter. If you’re looking for a real sense of 'roughing it'in the great outdoors, you could bring a flint and steel set.
    From wikihow.com

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